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August 2021

The purpose of shoulder replacement surgery is to remove arthritic parts of the shoulder joint. The shoulder joint comprises a ball and socket. The ball, also called the humeral head, is attached to the humerus, and the socket is a part of the shoulder blade. A traditional shoulder replacement surgery mimics the natural shoulder anatomy: the shoulder socket, also called glenoid, is replaced with a cup-shaped prosthetic made of plastic, and

Shoulder replacement, also called shoulder arthroplasty, is a process of removing a portion of the damaged shoulder joints and being replaced with artificial implants.  Shoulder replacement is of two different types, partial shoulder replacement and total shoulder replacement. Here, you will get answers to the common questions asked about total shoulder replacement surgery as explained by Dr Chandra Sekhar, Shoulder Replacement Surgeon in Hyderabad. What is a total shoulder replacement? The procedure of