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Partial Shoulder Replacement Surgery In Hyderabad

The purpose of shoulder replacement surgery is to remove arthritic parts of the shoulder joint. The shoulder joint comprises a ball and socket. The ball, also called the humeral head, is attached to the humerus, and the socket is a part of the shoulder blade. A traditional shoulder replacement surgery mimics the natural shoulder anatomy: the shoulder socket, also called glenoid, is replaced with a cup-shaped prosthetic made of plastic, and

Shoulder replacement surgery has become a popular choice for people seeking continuous pain relief. However, you should understand the situation as fully as possible before agreeing to such procedures. These are just some questions to remember to ask your doctor during your visit. When you talk to your doctor, remember to bring a pen and a piece of paper to make sure you record all the answers.  If you are considering

Shoulder arthroplasty is a very successful operation that can reduce pain and regain mobility in patients with advanced shoulder arthritis, and in some cases, after severe shoulder fractures. Shoulder replacement surgery can relieve pain and help restore movement, strength, and function of the shoulder. One year after surgery, 95% of patients have painless functions, allowing them to exercise their shoulders to restore strength and movement.  Most patients can resume playing golf