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Shoulder Joint Replacement Surgery In Hyderabad

A shoulder injury can affect both men and women, resulting in pain and difficulty performing even the simplest tasks. If surgery and physical therapy fail to relieve the pain, you may have your shoulder replaced. This procedure is quite effective, but the real question is how successful it is? Dr Chandra Sekhar is a shoulder replacement specialist in Hyderabad. Medications and physical therapy will be attempted first, and if these do

Shoulder replacement, also called shoulder arthroplasty, is a process of removing a portion of the damaged shoulder joints and being replaced with artificial implants.  Shoulder replacement is of two different types, partial shoulder replacement and total shoulder replacement. Here, you will get answers to the common questions asked about total shoulder replacement surgery as explained by Dr Chandra Sekhar, Shoulder Replacement Surgeon in Hyderabad. What is a total shoulder replacement? The procedure of