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Hyderabad Shoulder clinic is established by Dr.Chandrashekar B. It is the first exclusive Shoulder clinic that is established in the year 2010 in the combined State of Andhra Pradesh. In continues to deliver services in both the States of Telangana & Andhra Pradesh. The Motto behind the clinic is to provide an efficient and affordable Treatment for all kinds of Shoulder problems at par with the International Standards.

Arthroscopic shoulder surgery is a boon to the shoulder patients. It is a latest advancement in shoulder surgery...

A small opening is made into the joint just like traditional orthopedic surgery and the repair is done…

This procedure is similar to the joint replacement surgery done in knee and hip joints. Different types of artificial joints are available for treating different problems...

Many of the shoulder problems can be treated with proper physiotherapy exercises advised by specialist shoulder surgeon and done under specialist


Latest superior capsular reconstruction for rotator cuff tear by Dr. Chandra Sekhar

I’m Umadevi, I have had a mild accident a few months back and got my shoulder injury. I just took some pain medication and ignored it. But after some days I felt intense pain in the shoulder area and even not able to lift my hand also. I have decided to consult a shoulder specialist and went to Dr. Chandra Sekhar, one of the best shoulder surgeon in Hyderabad at Sunshine Hospitals. He did some diagnostic tests and said there was muscle tear in the shoulder. He fixed the tear by performing the latest superior capsular reconstruction procedure.

Now I’m able to lift my hand and pain also completely vanished. I would like to thank Dr Chandra Sekahar sir for fixing my shoulder problem.

Shoulder Surgery Umadevi

My name is Swaroop and used to play cricket a lot. Recently I have met with an accident while playing cricket in which my shoulder got damaged. My shoulder got dislocated for which I have undergone shoulder surgery. But the treatment provided by the doctor was ineffective as problem still persists. Later I have consulted Dr. Chandra Sekhar for treatment. He did revision surgery to my dislocated shoulder. Now I feel better compared to previous shoulder surgery as I am recovering very quickly with the efforts of staff at the hospital.

Shoulder Surgery Swaroop

I have undergone Shoulder Replacement surgery by Dr. Chandra Shekhar. Now I’m able to move my hand comfortably and can even lift weights. He is a fabulous doctor, very professional and personable too. I highly recommend Dr. Chandra Sekhar for any kind of shoulder problems.

Shoulder Replacement Padmanabam, Military Colonel