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July 2019

Shoulder dislocation occurs when the upper arm bone is separated from the shoulder blade or pops out of the socket. Dislocations are frequent due to the complex nature of the shoulder and mostly results from injuries, falls, and other trauma. It mostly affects younger patients and leads to pain and instability. Being the most complicated joint, the shoulder is highly prone to injuries such as shoulder dislocations. It must be cared

Do you know that a shoulder dislocation symptoms resembles to that of an ordinary shoulder sprain or strain? In this blog, we provide you what happens if a dislocated shoulder goes untreated. Go through this blog which is useful for you. Shoulder Dislocation Overview A dislocated shoulder is a condition involving the humerus (the ball) being forcibly pulled from the shoulder joint (the socket). Dislocation of shoulder often occurs when doing activities involving

Most of the time, we get relieved from the pain and stiffness of the shoulder by using pain relief medications and stretching steps without knowing the reason. By this, we may temporarily feel better, because of this we may find that the pain gradually returns or worsens. In this case, it is recommended not to use repeated self-medication, because this might indicate something more serious that is the frozen shoulder.

Frozen shoulder condition occurs when the capsular portion of your shoulder joint becomes thick and tight, restricting the mobility. It causes significant pain and stiffness in the shoulder joints, which worsen over time, leading to the interrupted daily routine. You can relieve from the frozen shoulder condition naturally because most people find relief from pain and stiffness within three years. If your pain persists long, then it is time to look