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August 2019

The shoulder has a broader range of movement than the rest of the body. It mainly rotates in a ball and socket joint assembly called the Glenohumeral Joint, which connects the upper shoulder (upper arm bone) with a scapula (shoulder blade)called the Glenoid Cavity. Glenohumeral joint help move the shoulders to and fro, allowing the arms to rotate and extend outward from the body. Flexible capsules filled with lubricants called synovial

The shoulder is an extraordinary machine. The unique shoulder anatomy allows for the most excellent range of movement of every joint in the body. The shoulder joint will enable various range of activities such as installing a light bulb to doing a handstand. Massive, broad shoulders are indicators of strength, durability, and endurance. A healthy and robust shoulder joint is a must for most sports that require excellent upper body strength

My mother suffering from shoulder and unable to move her hand for a long time. At that time we consulted Dr. Chandra Sekhar. He said my mother was suffering from severe Osteoarthritis and needed to undergo shoulder replacement surgery. The surgery was successful. Now we came for shoulder replacement surgery to the second shoulder and it is also successfully done. The physiotherapy department has excellent and friendly staff. I would

Do you suffer from shoulder pain due to frozen shoulder? Sleeping with shoulder pain is difficult. If you wake up from a shoulder ache, falling asleep again can be very uncomfortable. Shoulder pain can often prevent you from sleeping. Here, in this blog, Dr. Chandra Sekhar, from Hyderabad Shoulder Clinic provides you some tips for improving sleep quality for shoulder problems caused due to frozen shoulder. What is Frozen Shoulder? A frozen shoulder