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September 2019

Arthroscopic shoulder surgery is to treat rotator cuff tear. The rotator cuff is a group of tendons and muscles in a shoulder. Helps to lift and rotate arms. It keeps your shoulder joint in place. But sometimes the rotator cuff tendons are torn or pinched by the surrounding bones by Injuries, such as falling on the arm. But wear and tear from time to time can also affect your shoulders.

Shoulder pain is a common problem faced by many people nowadays. Nearly one in every three people are affected by Shoulder injuries. Doctors say that they observed most people complaining about shoulder pain is due to rotator cuff problems. A rotator cuff is a group of muscles that support your shoulder joint. When we suffer from shoulder pain, our first move might be taking our own medications like ibuprofen or other

Is your child suffering from a dislocated shoulder? So here is a glimpse of what every parent should know about the Dislocated shoulder in children. If your child was a young athlete then this is the time to learn about all possibilities of dislocation of the shoulder, first aid treatments and the doctor's medical advice. Dr Chandrasekhar is the best Orthopedician Surgeon in Hyderabad. Meaning of Dislocated Shoulder: It is a situation in

The rotator cuff comprises of four muscles and tendons that stabilize your shoulder joint and lets you lift and rotate arms. Rotator cuff tear is the most common injury that occurs mainly in sports such as baseball, cricket, tennis, or when working as a painter or window cleaner. It usually happens over time due to regular use or when you repeat the same arm movements over and over. Sometimes it can also