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October 2019

Having a frozen shoulder might be frustrating because of the intense pain it generates and limited mobility allowed of your shoulder and arm. It may even regulate your daily activities like dressing and bathing. A frozen shoulder comes from nowhere, often there might be little or no injury or there is no specific cause. There are no special diagnostics tests to determine a frozen shoulder. The only symptom to find

We all use our shoulders every day, whether to carry groceries, washing, playing baseball or tennis, or lifting a child. Our shoulder joints are so important to us that we even use them for all our daily activities. When all of our shoulders do all the work for us, injuries to the shoulder can affect our daily lives. Therefore, everyone must know something about the care and prevention of rotator

The shoulder joint has a group of muscles and tendons that holds the ball and socket joint called the rotator cuff. It facilitates free movement on your shoulder. If these muscles or tendons become torn or strain, a surgeon may recommend rotator cuff surgery. With your shoulder, you can carry out a variety of tasks, from throwing a baseball to swinging to lifting heavy items. However, sometimes, a sudden injury or