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February 2020

The shoulder has the most flexibility which allows you to move your arms in all directions but also makes your arms vulnerable to injury. Frequent injuries to the shoulder include a rotator cuff muscle fracture, a partial or complete dislocation of the shoulder cavity and a broken collar. In many cases, non-surgical treatment options such as physiotherapy are sufficient to relieve symptoms, but surgery is sometimes necessary. In severe cases of

Sports injuries are excruciating and one of the fastest ways to get good players off the field. Regardless of the sport you play or how if you hurt yourself, the treatment and time needed to heal injuries are often similar. An acute muscle injury occurs when you suddenly stretch a muscle beyond its elasticity. It can be done on the sports field or in your garden. If you are experiencing one

Every year, thousands of cases of conventional shoulder replacement are successful in shoulder arthritis patients all across India. However, this type of standard surgery is not very useful for patients with massive rotator cuff tears, and who have developed a sophisticated type of shoulder arthritis called cuff tear arthropathy. In these patients, shoulder joint replacement can cause pain and limited movement, then reverse shoulder replacement is a better choice. Patients with