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August 2020

A shoulder dislocation occurs when the head of the shoulder (upper arm bone) pops out of the socket (glenoid). Shoulder dislocation can be partial (subluxation), where the humerus bone is partially outside the socket. A more severe case is called a complete shoulder dislocation, in which the humeral head is completely protruded from the socket. Shoulder dislocation is usually associated with other problems, such as ligament or labral tear in

Inflammation of your joints can be the result of degeneration called arthritis. This can cause symptoms ranging from stiffness, pain, loss of mobility to other consequences that can limit your lifestyle. The shoulder consists of three main bones - humerus, shoulder blade, and collarbone. Inflammation causes discomfort and limits the freedom of movement. This article addresses general questions about shoulder arthritis to help you know the symptoms, treatment options, and

Frozen shoulder is a painful condition that results from inflammation and scarring in the shoulder capsule, i.e. the thick layer of shoulder joints. It is not clear why this occurs. If left untreated, shoulders will become harder with the possibility of a loss of function. Patients with frozen shoulder have difficulty with simple joint movements. The typical symptom of frozen shoulders is a pain when moving the arm, even during simple