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Hyderabad Shoulder clinic is established by Dr.Chandrashekar B. It is the first exclusive Shoulder clinic that is established in the year 2010 in the combined State of Andhra Pradesh. In continues to deliver services in both the States of Telangana & Andhra Pradesh. The Motto behind the clinic is to provide an efficient and affordable Treatment for all kinds of Shoulder problems at par with the International Standards.

Currently the Centre provides its services at Hyderabad, Vijayawada and Vishakapatnam.

Dr. Chandra Shekhar who is the consultant Shoulder Surgeon is well trained in India and Abroad in the field of Shoulder Surgery.

The Clinic provides the most advanced treatments that are available in the world today.

The clinic also provides treatment for Sports related injuries.

The clinic provides highly effective Physiotherapy treatment for most of the common shoulder ailments.

Cutting edge surgical treatments will be provided as per the need.

The clinic performs Arthroscopic key hole surgeries (endoscopic surgeries), shoulder replacement surgeries and other open reconstructive procedures regularly.

Surgical treatment is aimed to provide the best possible functional results.

    • Fellowship in Shoulder & Elbow Surgery( U.O.chirurgia Dellaspalla, ALSLRN,ITALY)
    • Fellowship in Shoulder & Elbow Surgery (C.G.H.,Singapore)
    • Diploma Shoulder Replacement Surgery (AUSLRN, ITALY)
    • ISAKOS Fellowship in Arthroscopy & Sports Medicine (Ortho-one, Coimbatore, India)
    • Fellowship in Shoulder Surgery( FRANCE)
Dr.Chandrashekar B
MBBS, M.S.Ortho



First orthopedic surgeon in entire South india to perform Arthroscopic Latarjet procedure. This surgery is considered to be a highly advanced surgery for the treatment of shoulder dislocation problem. Currently only a handful of surgeons are performing this surgery in the world.

Credited with doing the first Arthroscopic AC joint (collar bone joint) reconstruction in both states of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. In this procedure muscle tissue taken from the leg of the patient is used to repair the collar bone joint with a key-hole endoscopic surgery .

First surgeon in both states of Telangana and Andhra pradesh to perform Arthroscopic Superior Capsular reconstruction . In this procedure , tissue from the thigh of the patient is taken to repair the badly damaged rotator cuff muscles of the shoulder by endoscopic surgey .

Performed Live surgery during National Conference Shoulder workshop of Indian Orthopedic Association 2015 at Jaipur , Rajasthan Dr. Chandrashekar is credited with doing the first Reverse Shoulder Replacement Surgery in the State of Andhra Pradesh.

Dr. Chandrashekar is credited with doing the first Arthroscopic Fixation Acromioclavicular Joint (Collar Bone Joint) in the combined state of Andhra Pradesh.

Dr. Chandrashekar was honored by being named as the organising Chairman for the workshop on Shoulder Arthroscopy in the National Conference 2014 of Indian Orthopedic Association.

Invited by the Govt. Djibouti, Africa, to provide treatment to their patients in the year 2014.


Best feed backs from our greatest clients

My shoulder got dislocated two years back. I have consulted Dr. Chandra Sekhar and he successfully operated and fixed the problem. It’s been more than two since the operation. I have recovered well and I can perform full range of motion with my operated shoulder.

Shoulder Dislocation Problem Mr. Likith

I’m a software engineer, I had severe issues with my shoulder as my right shoulder dislocated 6 times. I have consulted many doctors of use. Later I met Dr. Chandra Sekhar and he fixed my Shoulder Dislocation Problem completely. It’s been a year since the surgery and I am doing absolutely fine now as I got the full range of motion.

Shoulder Dislocation Problem Mr. Vinod

I’m a professional kickboxing player representing Telangana. Last year I had an ACL ligament tear, so I met Dr. Chandra Sekhar. He operated on me for a Key Hole Surgery. It’s been a year, and the results were fantastic. I am doing quite well now and would highly recommend Dr. Chandra Sekhar for all the athletes.

Key Hole Surgery For ACL Tear Mr. Benerajee

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