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best shoulder surgeon in hyderabad

Do you have shoulder pain? Did you know that the problem could be due to shoulder trauma? True, shoulder pain related to certain movements or that you experience while sleeping can result from a shoulder injury. The shoulder joint is the most intricate in the human body. It's intended to give you the adaptability to move your arm 360 degrees. Shoulder pain is one of the most common musculoskeletal disorders that

Have you ever been tossing and turning in your sleep because of the nagging pain in your shoulder? You might be busy all day long, but when you go to sleep, you feel the pain or sickness? This is because your brain does a million other tasks throughout the day without observing the problem in your shoulders. When you rest in bed, your mind becomes more aware of your body and

Inflammation of your joints can be the result of degeneration called arthritis. This can cause symptoms ranging from stiffness, pain, loss of mobility to other consequences that can limit your lifestyle. The shoulder consists of three main bones - humerus, shoulder blade, and collarbone. Inflammation causes discomfort and limits the freedom of movement. This article addresses general questions about shoulder arthritis to help you know the symptoms, treatment options, and