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Frozen Shoulder Surgery in Hyderabad

The pain and movement are associated during  the recovery from shoulder surgery. Recovery depends on many factors, including the type of surgery, complications, doctor's instructions, the sequence of rehabilitation and physiotherapy exercises, etc. Whether you are having minimally invasive rotator cuff surgery or shoulder manipulation, recovery from shoulder surgery takes time. Any surgery, even the so-called "minimally invasive" - ​​is a big deal. The process itself can take a few hours

If you've heard of frozen shoulders, you know it's no fun. Frozen shoulder, as the name suggests, is a painful loss of mobility of the shoulder. The exact reason is unclear, and it develops gradually. The patient may experience problems reaching the back. Frozen shoulder can be followed by trauma and periods of immobility, i.e. after surgery, stroke or fracture. General health conditions such as diabetes or cardiovascular disease may also

Frozen shoulder is a painful condition that results from inflammation and scarring in the shoulder capsule, i.e. the thick layer of shoulder joints. It is not clear why this occurs. If left untreated, shoulders will become harder with the possibility of a loss of function. Patients with frozen shoulder have difficulty with simple joint movements. The typical symptom of frozen shoulders is a pain when moving the arm, even during simple