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See How We’re Providing Safe In-Person Care & Making Your Virtual Visits Safe During COVID19

We all are aware that COVID19 going to stay for a long period of time until the development of the right vaccine. Under the direction of the government, healthcare providers locked key clinical service lines and hospitals cancelling patient appointments to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus.

However, patients cannot keep suffering from severe orthopaedic problems like joint problems. It is not an ideal decision to postpone the surgeries for a long time. It might worsen the problem and even leads to other health conditions.

In the concern of patients health, we decided to reopen our Shoulder Clinic and perform surgeries in COVID Safe environment. To prevent the transmission we have introduced DayCare Surgery concept – the surgery is performed in the morning and the patient will be discharged by evening by instructing them with precautionary measures to be taken at home after surgey.

We are strictly implementing the COVID19 protocols addressed by the government to reopen the clinic. Before surgery, we will screen the patient for the traces of Coronavirus through CT Scan and other tests. To know more watch out the video of Dr. Chandra Sekhar, Shoulder Surgeon in Hyderabad.