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Shoulder replacement surgery is a very successful procedure to relieve pain and restore mobility in patients suffering from end-stage shoulder arthritis and also, severe shoulder fractures. Pain, weakness, or stiffness of your shoulder can be caused by injury, overuse, or arthritis, but you don't have to live with it. Shoulder replacement surgery can ease your pain and make your shoulder feel normal again. This procedure works for rotator cuff fractures

Every year, thousands of cases of conventional shoulder replacement are successful in shoulder arthritis patients all across India. However, this type of standard surgery is not very useful for patients with massive rotator cuff tears, and who have developed a sophisticated type of shoulder arthritis called cuff tear arthropathy. In these patients, shoulder joint replacement can cause pain and limited movement, then reverse shoulder replacement is a better choice. Patients with

Shoulder joint replacement is a beneficial surgical procedure to reduce pain and restores mobility in patients. One year after surgery, 95% of patients have the painless function, so they can do exercise with their shoulders well enough to improve strength and movement. Most shoulder replacement patients return to their preferred activities. It makes this procedure a precious choice for a large number of people who suffer shoulder pain due to