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Shoulder pain is a common problem faced by many people nowadays. Nearly one in every three people are affected by Shoulder injuries. Doctors say that they observed most people complaining about shoulder pain is due to rotator cuff problems. A rotator cuff is a group of muscles that support your shoulder joint. When we suffer from shoulder pain, our first move might be taking our own medications like ibuprofen or other

The shoulder is an extraordinary machine. The unique shoulder anatomy allows for the most excellent range of movement of every joint in the body. The shoulder joint will enable various range of activities such as installing a light bulb to doing a handstand. Massive, broad shoulders are indicators of strength, durability, and endurance. A healthy and robust shoulder joint is a must for most sports that require excellent upper body strength

Mr. Sai Kumar suffering from shoulder pain for a long time. One day he came to consult Dr. Chandra Sekhar. The diagnostic tests revealed that he is suffering from Recurrent Shoulder Dislocation and he was suggested to undergo Shoulder Arthroscopy. The procedure was performed by Dr. Chandra Sekhar, Consultant Shoulder Replacement Surgeon. Mr. Sai Kumar was very happy with the good results obtained for Shoulder Arthroscopy performed by Dr Chandra Sekhar.

80yr old Colonel Padmanabam, suffering from shoulder pain and could not even lift his hand for a long time. He consulted many doctors but didn't find the right solution for his shoulder pain. One day, he heard the reputation and success rate of Shoulder Replacement surgery performed by Dr Chandra Shekhar. As a last try, he consulted Dr. Chandra Shekhar, Consultant Shoulder Replacement Surgeon. After a careful physical examination, he was